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Ischyra Soma Fitness (ISF) provides a suite of movement exercise techniques that support and enhance full body health to achieve better living through strength and grace ™.

More than just a workout – it’s a lifestyle.

Ischyra Soma Fitness is a one-stop fitness and wellness center that features a customized, one-on-one, tailored body approach focusing on transforming and strengthening the body using a variety of movement exercise tools.

it's a lifestyle

it's a lifestyle

Ischyra Soma Fitness provides an effective, safe way to change your body. Each class is designed to be effective for people at all levels of experience and fitness. Classical Pilates, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® exercise techniques reshape and elongate students’ muscles in a therapeutic manner resulting in lean, toned, and healthy bodies for life.

Ischyra Soma Fitness is more than just a workout – it’s a lifestyle. At Ischyra Soma Fitness, clients share a sense of community in which they are inspired and empowered by each other’s wellness goals and achievements.

Accordingly, we are dedicated to serving all bodies, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and persons in need of prescriptive exercises to treat, improve, and restore optimum physical function.

ISF supports all fitness endeavors and rehabilitation through prescriptive exercise methodology tailored to meet the needs of each individual while decreasing the likelihood of injury and extending the longevity of play. Clients are attracted to Ischyra Soma Fitness because of the result it produces and how it makes them feel – strong, healthy, and confident.

Classical Pilates and GYROTONIC® exercise techniques promote beautiful, lean, toned, and healthy bodies for life, as well as heightens a client’s self-confidence and empowers them to take control of their personal health. Future offerings will also include Personal Training and Physical Therapy, as well as online Pilates, GYROKINESIS® (Summer 2022) and GYROTONIC® classes.

Clients will be attracted to Ischyra Soma Fitness because of the results it produces and how it makes them feel – strong, healthy, and confident. Clients will also enjoy the personal attention and sense of community they experience both inside and outside the studio. With small class sizes, clients form strong personal relationships with studio owners, teachers, and friends they meet in class. Ischyra Soma Fitness may become a home away from home where clients feel motivated and supported in their fitness and lifestyle goals. In addition, as a wellness center, ISF will offer rehab services and will accept major insurance plans.

Class offerings include:


Eshael M. Johnson, M.S.

Eshael is a classically trained Pilates instructor, GYROTONIC® teacher and former semi-professional cheerleader. Eshael’s love of all things athletic began while watching Super Bowl III with her father. A car accident that shattered her kneecap temporarily brought her athleticism to a halt. As she got older, her knee again began to give her trouble. It was then that her trainer recommended Pilates to support her fitness goals. Since 2009, Eshael found that Pilates allowed her to move with the grace she had before her knee injury; it reunited her mind with her body as she regained ease of movement, developed muscle, and strengthened her core.

Eshael is convinced that exercise movement can lead to “better living through strength and grace™” and in 2017 began the comprehensive Pilates certification process. In 2021, she added the GYROTONIC® method to her movement repertoire with the GYROKINESIS® method to follow soon.

Ms. Johnson enjoys developing fun and challenging group classes and personalized private lessons for diverse client populations (i.e., spinal injury, cardiac, joint replacement, vertigo/Meniere’s disease, seniors, athletes).

Known for her firm but empathetic approach to coaching and training, Eshael enjoys assisting clients to reach their goals and believes that exercise movement can lead to “better living through strength and grace™.” Additionally, in 2021, Eshael was elected to serve on the board of directors for the Pilates Method Alliance as its Treasurer and is a member of The Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce.

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